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Please remember to bring your documentation to the appointment as well!

​They are listed at the bottom of the directions for filling out the loan, and here they are again for your convenience.

​​•   Borrower Authorization Form (signed)

•   Latest 1 month of paystubs

•   Latest 2 consecutive bank statements/assets to show reserves. Please include all pages even if page is blank!

•   If purchasing - latest 2 consecutive months of assets (bank statements, 401k, retirement account, gift/gift letter, etc.). Enough to show down payment of a home, closing costs, and 2-3 months of reserves.  Please include all pages even if page is blank!

•   Last 2 years of w-2s

•   Last 2 years of complete tax returns with all schedules (federal only).

•   Copy of Driver’s License and SSN

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Whether you are buying, selling, and/or getting a mortgage, at Platinum Realty Group And Finance, Inc., our goal is simple: to simplify your process and to help you accomplish your goals as our Platinum client. 

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